Holiday Cottage Cleaning & Laundry in North Norfolk.

If you have a holiday cottage located in North Norfolk especially in the busy coastal towns and villages, you will know how difficult it can be to find that special person to clean and manage your property to the standard you expect.

Avoid High Management Commissions & Charges

Norfolk holiday cottage owners can save money and increase standards, by using the services of local cleaning & maintenance companies to look after their holiday let, so cutting out expensive management agent commissions. Remember holiday let agents charge you their inflated commissions plus cleaning, laundry and caretaking charges on top.

 Join the growing number of  holiday cottage owners using  local cleaning / housekeeper companies plus low cost holiday let management services to avoid unnecessary management agent commissions.

Find a high calibre local Norfolk housekeeper / cleaning company  who can look after your holiday cottage with real care and attention:

  • Weekly Cleans (take a pride in the presentation of the properties they look after)
  • Clean bed linen & towels (at home so cutting out expensive laundries)
  • Change light bulbs & smaller housekeeping duties (charged for as required)
  • Use own cleaning materials & equipment
  • Replenish toiletries / soaps / washing up liquid etc (charged for as required)
  • Replenish tea / coffee / sugar / milk / biscuits (charged for as required)
  • Report any issues found to the owner / manager
  • Act as keyholder for your property
  • By mutual appointment meet any repair contractors or guests at the property (office hours only, hourly rate charged)
  • Holiday / sickness cover ( cleaning companies or groups of cleaners need to be able to cover when a cleaner is absent )

Do I Need a Holiday Home Management Agent?

Most holiday letting companies, will just simply recommend cleaners so essentially require holiday let owners to find suitable cleaners themselves and deal with their chosen cleaning company directly. Alternatively they have in-house cleaners but charge high commissions and add-on costs.

The main services a holiday letting agency provide are:

  • From 12 % plus vat holiday management service

  • Advertise, bookings & payments  
  • Arrange property repairs 
  • Keyholder
  • Customer Care
  • Health & Safety
  • Reduce your management costs without compromising standards

  • When you live some distance away from your holiday home it can be very reassuring to choose an established  property management brand name to look after your property, but these nationally controlled companies  can be very expensive with commissions in excess of 20 - 25%, and in reality they can only operate by depending on the services of local cleaners and maintenance companies.

It makes sense therefore to give  the people that are actually looking after your property the correct level of  incentive to provide you with a full service at a high standard. 

At the end of the day most holiday let agents essentially act as booking agents advertising on the now established Online Travel Agents ( O.T.A.'s ) websites.

so it pays to use smaller local cleaning and maintenance companies through the register.


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